Summary of decisions taken by the three levels of government in Spain. These are not exhaustive but give a general idea of what life will be like over the next 2 weeks.


First closures
1. All municipal activities organised by the council will be suspended. This includes sports, cultural, training activities in closed or open spaces which are considered group activities. Sports centres will be closed.
2. All activities of the Popular University will be suspended in the three areas where it operates.
3. The Pensioners Centres will be closed including the cafeterias and workshops delivered in these centres.
4. The Street markets (Mercadillos) will be temporarily suspended throughout the municipality .
5. Libraries and study centres will be closed.
6. Application relating to Semana Santa will be suspended and a new date will be issued in due course.

Second round of closures and restrictions
1. Closure of all terraces, in bars and restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues (National government has ordered the closure of the venues themselves)
2. The use of beaches and the corresponding Boardwalk as well as any activities associated with these areas is PROHIBITED
3. Suspension of all face to face Public services in all municipal buildings. This will be substituted by telephone or other electronic means

Mijas Pueblo 952 06 20 02 Mon to Fri 09:00 to 14;00h
Las Lagunas 952 06 20 03 Mon to Fri 09:00 to 14;00h
La Cala 952 06 20 04 Mon to Fri 09:00 to 14;00h
Local Police 952 46 08 08 or 952 46 09 09 Emergency 24 hours
Local Police 952 19 70 97 Minday to Fri from 08.00 to 14:30h
Fire Brigade 952 58 63 82 (Emergency 24 hours)

4. A service will be set up to attend to the needs of the elderly population and people with special needs to help with the supply of medication or other items of primary need. This can be organised by telephone on 952 06 20 05 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00h and a 24 hour contact number via the Local Police 952 46 08 08 or 952 46 09 09


Closure of hotels, restaurants and leisure establishments, public parks and beaches from tomorrow. Citizens should remain in their homes.
Closure of all schools and Universities

National Government

As from March 14th, stay at home for the next 15 days unless you need to go to – buy food, buy other essentials, chemist, doctors, work (maintain distance of one meter from other colleagues), care for elderly, young and vulnerable, bank, insurance companies, get petrol, walk dog.
The Spanish can return here from abroad and Brits can come here to their second home too but once here they must obey the same rules. In a few days there will be a 50% reduction in air travel/availability.
No schools and educational establishments will open but online and distance learning can continue.
Workers can go to another town/city if that’s where they work but must go straight there and straight back, no visiting friends there after work.
All Retailers will be closed except for – food, drinks, essentials, opticians, newsagents, gas suppliers, tobacconists, hairdressers, dry cleaners, IT equipment, telecoms, pet animal food, Internet businesses – ALL OTHERS WILL BE SUSPENDED.
No drinking, eating where food/drink bought in house, no museums, no libraries, no sports and hobby centres, no hotels and restaurants though they can do home delivery.
Religious & civil ceremonies can continue if they comply with a recommended distance (2m) between attendees.
All health workers, police, army, public & private bodies are at disposal of Sanidad Pública ( NHS).

Spain is looking to mitigate and compensate those losses, albeit temporary, to companies, employees and self-employed and on Tuesday he will announce what those measures are.

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